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Pickled Jalapenos with Garlic

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Thanks Pdevredis, I will have to try your Jalapeno Relish idea, it sounds good.


Tired Eyes, no prob, it is so amazing how the internet can shorten the distance between friends. You might try chopped frozen peppers this year.
If you are going to use them in cooking a sauce, they work just fine and are even easier to process. I like to slice them off the seeds for freezing as you can just get over loaded with seeds other wise.

Whoops--sorry about the geography flub! I'll take a look at the recipes. "Peter Piper" (hubby) gave the neighbors a peck--well, not quite THAT much--but there will be more tomorrow, and I really should figure out how to use them up! Thanks! :D


Tired Eyes, have a look on You Tube at some of the pickled peppers how to videos.
It is super easy, and if you use 7% vinegar instead of the 5% it is even safer.
Thanks for the rum pepper tip, you know I love my rum...
BTW, I am in Burlington Canada, and with the hot dry summer, I am not sure I will be able to eat all my peppers before next years harvest!


I just had jalapeno relish made with garlic, onions, and peppers with my burger tonight--yummy! I use the pickled ones in a recipe (including cilantro, green onions, lime juice, etc.) for marinated shrimp to be smoked on the grill--extra yummy!

Now this is something I need to learn--we have had literally hundreds of jalapenos!!!