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Lonsdale Quay Market

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This is at the bottom of Lonsdale Avenue right beside the seabus and bus terminal. There are stores, restaurants, a hotel and, of course, fruits and vegetables for sale market style. North Vancouver, Canada


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Thank you Floyd!! : )))) No I'm afraid not. But if you climb up there you get a good view! You can also go inside and take the elevator up to the third floor and then walk up the rest of the way.


Thank you Cathy for sharing your market place. Do you get better prices if you climb the stairway up to the sign? Just curious. Hope you have some goodies left.


Thank you Rob! I'm glad you looked that up! Hmmm!? More sausages. ... I think I'll pass too. I seem to remember that they also serve a nice quiche ... then coffee and fudge!!!!

Thank you Dave. I'm glad you are enjoying these glimpses of Vancouver and North Vancouver.


What a great place, Cathy, I'm seeing Vancouver has alot to offer!!


Sounds like a nice spot Cathy - coffee & fudge sounds good for starters!!!
I just looked up Toad in the Hole - it's sausages baked in an eggy batter that contains cream and eggs & flour!!! Might pass on that one!!!


: ))))) I know what shepherd's pie is and I love it !!!!!!!
I think bangers and mash is a plate of sausages and mashed potatoes. I don't actually like sausages so I usually pass on that one.
But I have no idea what toad in the hole is !?! And to tell you the truth it doesn't sound very appetizing!!! : ))))


LOL! Well, yes I do, but surely you do too?!


What am I thinking of !!!!! We don't need to ask the waiter to explain the menu. Lorna is with us! She will know what those mysterious dishes are!!


Hi Jim. We saved seats for you and Susan!! : )))

Dekuji Agnes. : )
Mozná, ze to by melo být "Viz Vancouver ... a rezavet !"
Maybe it should be "See Vancouver ... and rust !"

Thanks Denise! They have fish and chips, shepherd's pie and some mysterious items like bangers and mash and toad in the hole. But they are always willing to translate the menu!! : )))

Hi Lyndee! It's not too late at all. We haven't decoded the menu yet. : )


Hope it's not too late for me to hop aboard!


Nice photo cathy:-)
Im ready for coffee:-)))


I disagree with the slogan: See Naples and die, but rather: Seeing Vancouver and


A restaurant and Fudge? I'll be right with you!


Suzy!!! We were just saying that we hoped you would come!!! What a coincidence! Your ideas are always great. Let's do it !!!


May I join you lovelies as well? We can watch them make fudge, then go eat togehter at the Cheshire Cheese Restaurant, where we can talk the day away! :)


Hi Ank Lots of people buy their produce here so that is a good idea. They have a good place to buy fish also. Oh and in one area you can watch them making fudge!!

Oh good Lorna is here too!! There is a food court with lots of different types of food for sale. Then we can take our coffee and whatever and sit outside because it's a nice day. Oh and my friends and I often eat at The Cheshire Cheese restaurant which is on the second floor. It is like a British pub!!


Nice picture Cathy. I will tag along with you and Ank, but would there be a coffee shop too.....?


Yep I like this one, it really looks good. Lets go and buy some fruits.