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Friesland, Towns and villages, Bakkeveen.

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That's me up there. From that place I made a few photos which I did post.


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Your welcome


Thank you so much.


I don't think you sound self-centered. You love your country, just like I love mine. And we like to show it. And we like to see the photos of each other. That's good. It makes the world better. I like your puzzles I just solved.


Ank, I don't mean to sound self-centered. If I do, just let me know. I'm interested in a lot of things, including other countries. I'm trying to show Illinois in its best light, but it was originally prairie and a Coal City was built by miners. It's a little town in the middle of a lot of prairie. I want to thank you for your continued friendship and thank you for answering my questions. Talk to you later.


That's great that they did that. I will be taking some pictures later on this week of the country side around here. The Club is not typical; if I take one I'm proud of, I will post it on Jigidi in two sizes.


It's special built there so you can look verry far. You can make photos or you just look and see the complete environment.


Hi, Ank. I,m wondering why the tower is there. Is it strictly to take pictures from or is it an older structure that they now use for this purpose? Either way, it's impressive.


I did not feel cool with my vibrating legs but there was a fence. Thanks friends

Wouldn't be me up there either!


Nope - I wouldn't stand there! But, I'm glad you did!


Thanks Hanne Jan Cathy and Monica. Hanne you are right, don't look down, then it's ok. Jan Jan, I don't think Pat will do. lol. Yes Cathy I also thought so, but I did not have the photo and at once I thought, hey I have a copy of Elly photos and yes there it was. So I did steal it, without asking. But I'm sure that's no problem. Monica, I made a new comment at My Puzzle and at the booorrred kitty. I'm sure you will like it.


Sorry Ank, I meant my "Iz sooooo boooorrrred kitty pic, not lonely kitty pic!...Monica


My dear Ank, I left you a comment about the comment that you left for me on my lonely kitty pic, but it is on your pic of your walk along the forest trail on your page 2, I believe, thanks so much...Hugs, Monica


Very good picture! Thank you Ank. It's a great idea to show where you were to take the other pictures!


Pat you jump first and if you didn't like it, I won't jump. How about this for a friend indeed?


Don't look down, just look out!! Then it isn't that bad!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Oh no, I did not look down, too high. I don't want to think of it. Even not when you hold my hand to jump together. Even not when I'm in the middle. You two can go and I will look.
Thanks dears, did I say with a big smile.


She sure did Jan ... Hi up there Sissy....Hugs


Ank, you missed a chance to bungee jump.


And then knowing that I'm afraid of heights too. Don't look down, that's the way to do it. I don't know how high it was, high enough. The tower is in the woods of Bakkeveen.
Thanks Monica Sandy and Elly.


And what was your quick and smooth above, Ank. Hug


I don't think I'd go up there either Monica. LOL You are brave Ank.


Wow! That looks awfully high up there, you couldn't get me to climb that high! I'm so embarrassingly afraid of heights myself! Exactly where are you and how high are you up there?


Good morning friends. Yes Elly was down there and she made the photo. No one else was up there, I think because the cold. There the wind was worse.


Did Elly take the photo? You look lonely up there on the platform, but you got some nice photos from it.

Ank, you're a climber :-))))
Thank you so much for the beautiful photos.