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Jane and friends

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My Great Aunt Jane ca. 1907, with her friends Pansy & Teddy. I have Pansy, who does NOT look this scared! Must be a weird camera angle. Don't know what became of Teddy.


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Well RebeccaB, Pansy is so precious, and I think that she had never seen
a camera before, and over the years, she has adjusted. : )

Thanks so much for sharing, you know old photos with old dolls are quite
a collector's item these days. I have an extensive doll collection, many old
pincushion half-dolls.



Handsome great aunt and it's very pretty sight. J.T.


I also enjoy seeing old photographs such as this... a moment in a life,
frozen in time and preserved for all posterity. Thanks for sharing this.


I love seeing the old clothing styles, and jewelry.


Love these old pictures We have a lot from my wife's side of the family and have posted several of my wife and her brothers from the 1930s.