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Jesse as a puppy

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This is the first photo of Jesse at the age of three months in October 2003. She is my daughters' dog.


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What an absolute doll she was and I bet she still is,thanks Wilddog.


Doglovertoo, I haven't checked today yet for any updates of CallieLou so not sure....but I did upload a video of CallieLou on YouTube that you might find cute and interesting....


Wilddog, thank you for sharing more pictures of Jesse. I do have a feeling that CallieLou just might turn out to look a lot like Jesse :-) Kathy


Speaking of Callie Lou, have I been missing her postings? Haven't seen any in a long time.


Sweet, sweet pup! There really is an amazing resemblance between Jesse and Callie Lou! Thanks ;-)))

Small Jesse, same as my Akim, thanks a lot for nice photos :-))))