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Pinknblack from the Past

54 pieces
307 solves
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Thank you, hope your day is a great one, too!


Lovely picture.Have a good day!


Naoma, I just love old postcards and have quite a collection. I love it when others love them, too.
TYN thanks so much for the kind Easter Greetings and you are so welcome, you nice note is much appreciated.
I just love my friends from down under, Budgy, so glad you were able to find them before going to bed. Your Easter Wish is appreciated.
To all, enjoy your Easter Week.

Thanks for pinknblacks two beautiful puzzles to end my day, goodnight, have a happy easter everyone. West Oz.


Beautiful puzzle, love the sentiment. Thank you for posting this one and also your other one with tea pots and rabbits. Happy Easter pinknblack.


Beautiful card, thank you. . . Naoma