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In My 'Hood Yesterday!

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This coyote ambled right across the street from the woods at the lake to the streets behind my house! We enjoy their habitat, so I guess they're enjoying ours now!


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Thanks, Annie & Jana. Dondi, we've had bobcats for awhile now. They're even bolder than the Coyotes, roaming closer, and you see them more often. There was a very interesting clip on the news the other day of a couple of them having a fuss with each other, growling and such, but they never did fight, just got very, very loud, and you thought they were going to. Some of the bobcats we've seen are huge, too. Some folks called animal control and told them they were small tigers on the loose last summer!


Coyotes have pretty well moved in with people, but I'm surprised at the bobcats. When I was growing up, bobcats were around, but very shy of people - you seldom actually saw one.


Coyotes do not live here, it's really nice, thank tex :-)))




Celeste, Sis, Madpol, Gnt, Dondi, thanx to all of you for stopping by and enjoying my puzzle. I have not heard of them attacking any person, child or adult, but you never know. They live around the lake across the street, I'm sure, lots of brush and woodsy areas. Dondi, the animal control officer identified this as a coyote, and I'm not going to argue with that, they're experts in what they do. These animals have acres and acres to roam at that lake, so it's hard to believe they come right up to the neighborhood, bobcats, too. It isn't like they're homeless (yet).


I have to wonder whether it's a coyote or a crossbreed. The head shape and forequarters look a little broad, although that may be the effect of a heavy coat. The eyes don't look quite right to me. On the other hand, western and eastern coyotes may differ. I've seen a couple here in the Boston area, in the city, at night. One was running down the road along the river, in the correct lane coming toward me, and completely ignored my oncoming car, headlights and all! Another was loping down my street, in mid-Cambridge, at 3 AM, swinging from side to side and checking yards as it went. No idea where they live, although there are a lot of wooded parks and forest preserves in the suburbs here; they can cover a lot of territory.


First I have to say this animal is very healthy by seeing how filled in it is and not starving...second I will tell you in this day and age they are not to scared of people....third don't worry they will not attack an adult person. Most of the time they will run away not wanting to confront an adult human as they are scared as well as a human....Coyote's run wild in the cities today....the only thing I would remember is take care of little children.......


He (she?) is really a wonderful animal. Nice puzzle, thank you for sharing it.


Great shot, Sis! He's beautiful but a little scary to think he's wandering the neighborhood.


That is one handsome coyote


I've never seen one this nice looking either, but if you look at the hips, he is rather skinny. I don't hear them at night, maybe because not many of them are in the neighborhood, don't know. I would be afraid of any wildlife out of it's normal environment, it's just eerie to me to see them on the streets. Last couple of years, though, I've seen bobcats around here too, big ones! Thanks, friends, for stopping by and taking time to leave notes.


This one is beautiful. A few years back when still living in the big city, I had an unexpected close encounter with a coyote while out with my lab. Bless my sweet dog, she stepped in front of me to protect me, stared the coyote down, and danged if that coyote didn't hightail it out of there! I was so proud, and in retrospect, terrified.

I've never seen a coyote this pretty, except in photos. The ones I've seen in (west) Texas have always been as ferretlady described...lean and mean and scruffy.


We have seen coyotes on the mesa above our house, but they're much leaner and scruffier-looking than this one. Do you hear them at night? They're a good reminder to close the chicken coop door!


Oooh, I love it! (But I'll keep my cat inside!)


David Sazuki did a program on the "coywolf". The skull of the wolf was large. The skull of the coyote was small. And the skull of the coywolf fit right in the middle.


Have had them in my yard, too. We have to keep a close eye on our pets. At least a couple of times a year little dogs go missing. It's sad, but people must not let their dogs run loose.


Beautiful creature! And a great shot too! Did you take it, Tex? Thanks anyway for sharing it! :-)


I can imagine that it would be scary, but he really is a beautiful animal.


He probably eats well. Across the street is the lake with all sorts of wildlife, small animals he could eat, and around here, folks put out tons of food for birds that he could very well prey on, in addition to food in the trash. It's scary to me, I think of them as wolves in the city. Thanks, Fodus and Joyfulli.


He's a beautiful specimen (or "she," as the case may be).


Keep an eye on small children because Coyotes like them, too.