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Virginia! Good Lord--Theres a whole farm of them!

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Texas is moving North. Last weekend I drove by a small farm that had at lead 40 head of Longhorns with ear tags. I wonder what comprises a quality Longhorn...


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The quality is in their names, "LONGHORNS" the bigger the better these are not that large. Ask Tex she knows BEVO.


wow texas long horn lol great post warbler


These are now in Virginia, fodus. And it could be just what you said. Thanks!


I don't know where you live, you could put it in your profile, but Texas has been having a drought that they haven't recovered from. Their animals have been bought and shipped to better climates. A man, here, bought a bunch of Alpacas from Texas, fed them and sold most of them.


Good idea, Chickie. We'll have something to wash down the BBQ Rob is going to help us with. Thanks Rob. You too, JC.


I see a nice BBQ coming up!! Good one warbler.


nice picture mate!


I picture this gal carrying a bucket of water on each end of it's horns.


Thanks for the website lectra, it appears to be a science like entering the Westminister.


We'll see Angelbender-lectra has info for us


Thanks for getting me curious so here is the link re: longhorn standards! Have fun... Horn length is a primary. Straight back another. But oh lordy there is a lot more to look at!

His horn span has to match his neck to tail span, maybe? He sure is a long drawn out specimen, warbler.