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Ajk - musím hodne spát

20 pieces
90 solves
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Ajk - I have a lot of sleep


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Thank you Ardy and Ank, I'm glad you enjoyed my puzzle :-))


This gives a smile. So sweet Jana.


It is nice to be able to cuddle with someone or something while you sleep. Thanks, Jana.

Thank you Denise, I'm glad you are enjoying yourself on my puzzle :-))


I love how he is holding his friend:-) Adorable, thanks Jana

This is my dog friends, jmsenuje the AJK, and it's too big friend, thank you Francibe and cappy.
To je pes mé kamarádky a je to moc velký prítel, d?kuji Francine:-))

little puppys are the best


Pes a jeho nejlepsí prítel.
..Thank you Jana. (:47)
A dog and his best friend.