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Lions Gate Bridge

12 pieces
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from Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada


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Thank you Lorna. And at night there is a string of lights on the main cable so it is pretty and visible.


Great photo Cathy. The bridge is amazing.


Hi Starlord. I'm glad you like this picture. I'm always delighted when the seagulls fly into my pictures. At least ... I think it's a seagull. Thank you for adding a star to the leaderboard!!


Now THAT is what I call a bridge. At first I thought there was a UFO in the sky. Not a plane, not a helicopter. After enlarging, it seems to be a bird :-) No X-files...


Thank you very much Ank. I'm glad you noticed that I corrected my mistake. I'm sorry if I confused you. :-)


And Jim is so right. This is a great photo. And you know what I like, so many photos of the same bridge, and every photo is completely different. Love it.
And yes yesterday I wanted to know the 61 meter, thanks for giving the right answer at the wrong translated question. :-)))))


Thank you Jim!! What a kind thing to say!


Nice one, Cathy! This looks like a puzzle you buy from a store!