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SALE: Paw Kisses Two for 10 Cents - Nose Kisses 25 cents

88 pieces
76 solves
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I would like to order ten of each, please and put the money in the "kitty" fish fund.


Reminds of my Mum saying herrings were"soo cheap" when she was young, and that good herrings are rare today .
Maybe some cod will do Payton ?


MackIntosh........YES, F.I.S.H! Poor Boy, I think he would like Copper River Salmon but at some
$20 per lb.....Payton would have to save a lot of kisses. I cannot tell him when I (his Mum) grew up many (like REALLY MANY) years ago, in Canada, we fed salmon to our cats and dogs. Different world these day!!! ?


I think Payton will put the extra income to buy extra F-I-S-H .


Cute Jim! I know what you mean. Payton's a good looking boy, and so is Timmy. And so is my Mister. :)

Carol, accidently put this reply on my puzzle and didn't know if you'd go back there, so here it is:

Well, good heavens, that's neat...Thanks so much Carol. Atleast that way you can look back and see if someone replied to your messages. Cool!

79 degrees and yall are putting light-weight (I'm assuming) blankets on the beds? LOL! We had 2 thunderstorms today, and I just opened the door for one of the cats, and it feels like it's 55 degrees out there, but I know it's about 70. Nice & cool. :))


I'll take 10 dollars worth, please.


Hi Flkatz.....see your page on the star puzzle for what it is....basically red means there are messages for you.....if it is black there are no messages. It might show that last ones if it is black. :)


Yes, it's a a red square above the leaderboard on the far-right: goes: create, your name, then the red box.


Hi Flkatz, do you mean the "leaderboard" on the far right?


Carol, how does that red box beside your name work? I saw last night it read "304" - today is reading "301." Do you know what I'm talking about?


I laughed out loud when I saw this one Carol, so relaxed. My Mister does that on the side of the waterbed in the!

Carol66...Of course he believes you are his girlfriend, because you are! Maybe he can use some of his earnings to buy something special for you!


Not a bad idea! :) But, I am afraid it will go to his already big head!


He needs his own facebook page carol :)


Oh, overnight air please!! How could I bear the wait, otherwise?! ☺☺☺


Catslave, would you like regular ground, 2 day delivery, overnight air? :)))))))


Oh, I'd like to order $10 worth too - and put me on a repeat order plan - once a week to start with will do very nicely!


CBMuller.......Payton says you are on his VIP list.......but, he thinks I am his girlfriend! :)

This new business is going to give Payton lots of spending money for new toys or maybe even a girlfriend! I'd like to order 4 nose kisses and if I'm happy with them, I'll be sure to order again.


MackIntosh, I looked at the site you, amazing at the number of plaids!! I married into a plaid family......the fact he was a CAJUN, from Louisiana, leaves my mind boggled as to how the name got incorporate into the family history. Fz7s04, Tisket's Mum, and Grammashorty ..... Payton is referring the billing to his Accountant........but, thanks you all for your orders and kisses are on the way!!


I'll take $10 worth please.


10 paw kisses and 8 nose kisses please; I think that's 3 dollars.
Please send C.O.D. as soon as Payton awake :))))))


And may I have two cuddles in change?


I was thinking of PAyton sending a small pillow with his kisses on... like a real idol :-)

Aaaa, you are talking about a tartan plaid. Yes it could make a nice puzzle. But you must know there are many tartans in Scotland - which one is THE one of Ch. R. Mackintosh 's family ?



Hi MackIntosh........I am currently conferring with Payton regarding setting up a mail operation?
At the moment he is snoozing and not very receptive to any ideas. I have never seen the MackIntosh plaid. Must research it.......would make a great puzzle?!!


Do you send by airmail? I would like four Nose kisses and one Paw kiss. And no scratches.
Thank you :-))