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Ájinka si uzívá snehu

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Ájinka enjoying the snow


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Thank you Ardy :-)


I'm enjoying your pictures, Jana. Nice that Ajinka can enjoy the snow when you have so much of it. Thanks for sharing .

Thank you Ank, Pat and Mary, I'm glad you like it, I say, when am born again, I would like to be my dog :-))


She is adorable,labs are so sweet.Thanks Jana


She looks so happy! My Maggie and Cassie love to roll in the snow, too--dogs don't mind looking silly when they do what they love to do! :-)))


Awwwww. Yes, wrong color for gold, but a golden girl. Love this photo.... and uh..... Micky makes it the same way in the snow.

Thank you Denise, Ájinka is my gold girl, I´am glad, you like my dog :-))

Thank you Trish, I'm happy, that you like my puzzle.

Thank you Angel, it is good that you smile :-))

Thank you Bizarr, Ája love snow and water.


Ajinka seems to love the snow:-) wow she is having fun:-) Thanks


Wow! he loves the snow!

Jana, that is what I call really getting into it! He is really a funny dog.
Thanks for giving me a big smile. :-))


thanks for the fun puzzle Jana!