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Dykes View Cottage Kitchen 1

24 pieces
38 solves
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Charlotte's feeding the cats - Timmy the dog looks hungry in the background too!


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Thanks Ank. Glad you like.


Hi Jana - Yes, I'm ok thanks. It's kind of you to ask. It's been a difficult few days because of the death of a dear close friend. I cannot make sense of it because her husband is still in hospital with a brain injury. He survived, but she died from influenza. I haven't been online much. Sending you Good Wishes. Nicky.

Hi Niccolino, are you O.K.?

Ank, you are right :-)))))


Very nice Nicky, thanks for posting.
Jana you just like all pets.:-)))))))

Lovely kitchen Niccolino, thank you for this beauty, I love the little cats and the hungry dog.
:-)))))) Hugs