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Dexter na kunchynské lince - nejlepsí prehled

20 pieces
60 solves
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Dexter at the kitchen table - the best overview


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Thank you for your comment Ardy.


Cats love to be up high. When I had my Siamese she would sleep on top of the oven which was over the stove. Thanks for showing this picture, Jana.

Angel I'm glad that I can make you happy, thank you very much.

Dexter has springs in his knees and aspires to rise above the masses.
So cute, Jana. Thanks for giving my second smile of the day. :-)

Thank you kittenlove, I am glad that you like it.

Yes Denise, this is my daughter's cat, who lives in Leeds.

Yes Ank, I also wonder how it got there is still a kitten about 4 or 5 months.

Kitty Dexter loves high places....LOL. He jumped from the counter.


Hi Dexter:-) He looks so small sitting up there. Is this your daughter,s cat or the one that walked in?
Thanks Jana :-)


I just wonder, Dexter how did you do that? So high.