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Carter House - On Kindly base Bermuda.

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Carter House was built in 1640 and has been maintained in it's original state. Whereas most houses down here were built of wood at that time, this was built out of Bermuda sandstone and you can see the roof sagging with age. There is a basement and you walk up into the house via the stone stairs. This was used as a beauty parlor while the US owned the base. When they left in 1995 the Bermuda Government took over and the house is run as a small museum. In the foreground to the left is a Bermuda Cedar tree. This house was strategically built into the side of the hill and has withstood every hurricane for close to 400 years!


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Thanks Celeste.


Pretty Cool :)


Thank you PLG.


Wow! Very cool! Thanks!


Welcome Ank, thanks.


Thanks for the story and the photo. Indeed in that time they knew how to build. In NL are also many of that old houses. I'm sure my house will not live that long.


Glad you enjoyed it PKH, our buildings are built to strict codes and are concrete block or poured concrete, so I think we will see them last a long long time.Thanks.

thanks chickie.

Glad the memories came back K, yes the Easter lily market was pretty good back then, but sadly that has gone now. Thanks.

You are welcome Rob, thanks.

Makes sense Hanne, today people think of view and forget Mother Nature so often, thanks.


It's very interesting, building the house into the side of the hill is a good old Swedish tradition really!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Wow! Thanks Robbie for the History lesson - it's a great looking building.


I actually went to the beauty parlor that was in this house!!!! It was painted pink back then. I seem to recall that they grew Easter lilies for export on this land way before it was the naval base. I can't thank you enough for the pictures and the memories they brought back.


Very interesting Robbie. Thanks


What a fine old building. Sadly, buildings are not made to last anymore. Thank you for the history of this beautiful piece of property. How nice it is now a museum.


Yes you're right gem, thanks.


1640 and still standing! How much of the rubbish they build today will be around 300-400 years from now? :)