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Laura for Little Boy and Angel

20 pieces
125 solves
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Hi Michelle, scratching ears, she really loved it, you could do a half day :-)), I am glad, you like it


What a lovely smile to wake up to! She is a sweet girl, Jana. I really would like to give her ear scratches and face rubs! Thank you for sending me this. Michelle

Thank you Gemstone and Libbi


Sweet brown eyes...melt your heart! Thanks ;-)


Aaaaaw! :)))

Denise, we found Laura, vet said that she is so 6-8 weeks and it will be 5 years in June

Thank you Petsmom, I am glad, you like she.

Thank you Angel, I took it that morning, she was still moving and so I stumbled there hand and the other photos are blurred, it's good that you like she.


Laura is lovely. How old is she?

She looks very happy. Cute pup.

She looks ready to come over and visit. Well, I'll get the doggy bed and dish out of the cabinet and get ready for you, sweetie! She looks as shiny as Little Boy was. Thanks, Jana. That face makes me smile.