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Nicky's Tapestry Picture: Clematis

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Tapestry Picture of Clematis Flowering Plant


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Thanks Andy.




Thanks Ardy - yes, I'll try and post some more pics of my work - need to get the camera clicking first though!


Beautiful work, Nicky. Wow. Such things are so nice to do but framing is expensive. I have a few things that never got completed to a usable point. I hope you'll share more of your work. This is lovely. Thank you.


Thanks Joe - glad you like it.


Thanks threadyourneedle - I keep intending to get one of those daylight lamps but they are expensive and, alas, other things take precedence. I do have a clip-on magnifier with led light, but the magnifier has two strengths so it gives me a headache, but the light is good. I'd love to see some of your needlework as it sounds so lovely, but I notice you don't post.


Beautiful piece, Nicky! It brings back pleasant memories of my mother doing needle point many years ago. ~Joe


Thanks for the info Niccolino, I know what you mean about eyesight, I always have my bright light and magnifyer handy. As I am almost out of wall space, I have been making a lot of pillows from my needlework. A lot of the patterns are 16x16 or less and make great cushions. Will look forward to seeing more of your needlework.


Thanks, lauralyn. Threadyourneedle - I bought the canvas on eBay. It's a Gobelin one and is really quite large - not sure where I'll find a frame for it though! As with so many of my tapestries, it's rolled up in the bottom of my bag in the bottom of the wardrobe! I love stitching them, but am not good at getting them made up. The background on this one was a bit tedious, especially as I stitch mainly at night and it's a black background, and my eyesight isn't what it was! I'll post a few more pics of my tapestries in the coming days/weeks, but need to get better shots of them as the ones I have, I've noticed, are not that good - this was about the best of the bunch for now.


Lovely subject. Where did you get the pattern? Would't mind doing a picture of Clematis.


That's a really nice piece of needle point.