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Jigsaw puzzle - Relaxing Finn

Relaxing Finn

60 pieces by franmachine

Solved: 20 (2:25 by laurapregel)

Jigsaw puzzle - Sleepy Finn

Sleepy Finn

80 pieces by franmachine

Solved: 9 (3:32 by laurapregel)

Jigsaw puzzle - Billy Graham Homeplace

Billy Graham Homeplace

80 pieces by geline

Solved: 102 (5:09 by maryannm)

Jigsaw puzzle - Coke Ad 1948

Coke Ad 1948

90 pieces by volson58

Solved: 168 (5:26 by minheelovesu)

Jigsaw puzzle - Kraft Cocoa

Kraft Cocoa

78 pieces by volson58

Solved: 52 (4:49 by Chocolatecook)

Jigsaw puzzle - 1940s -Art

1940s -Art

81 pieces by volson58

Solved: 85 (4:48 by joyfulnoise4)

Jigsaw puzzle - Chalkboard Vignette

Chalkboard Vignette

480 pieces by ellasnana

Solved: 6 (1:07:25 by swadlow)

Jigsaw puzzle - 1940s art

1940s art

70 pieces by volson58

Solved: 91 (3:57 by popoko)
Comments: 1 (latest: 1 hour ago)

Jigsaw puzzle - Buskerfest Angel

Buskerfest Angel

77 pieces by mindseye

Solved: 9 (6:57 by kaleless)

Jigsaw puzzle - Colorful Pillows and Quilts

Colorful Pillows and Quilts

300 pieces by ellasnana

Solved: 23 (40:31 by lewinda)

Jigsaw puzzle - Making a Snowman

Making a Snowman

64 pieces by deborahj

Solved: 125 (3:06 by machemjo)

Jigsaw puzzle - Putting on the Ice Skates

Putting on the Ice Skates

66 pieces by deborahj

Solved: 104 (3:51 by popoko)

Jigsaw puzzle - Going to Town

Going to Town

63 pieces by deborahj

Solved: 47 (3:23 by machemjo)

Jigsaw puzzle - A Winter's Eve

A Winter's Eve

60 pieces by deborahj

Solved: 59 (3:37 by matheusmusic)

25. Jan 2015
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