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Jigsaw puzzle - Windmill Hassleholm Sweden

Windmill Hassleholm Sweden

81 pieces by noggin

Solved: 93 (3:51 by evorkosigan)
Comments: 1 (latest: 38 minutes ago)

Jigsaw puzzle - Best Buys First

Best Buys First

380 pieces by northwest

Solved: 1

Jigsaw puzzle - Wild Roses and Irises

Wild Roses and Irises

300 pieces by Hydrarian

Comments: 1 (latest: 21 minutes ago)

Jigsaw puzzle - _DSC6189


150 pieces by vincenzo

Solved: 31 (17:45 by vlkovamarka)

Jigsaw puzzle - Glass Fragment-Devil

Glass Fragment-Devil

240 pieces by Hydrarian

Solved: 1

Jigsaw puzzle - Flowers in Regents Park

Flowers in Regents Park

80 pieces by pergula

Solved: 63 (7:17 by dwolfe)

Jigsaw puzzle - VEGAS!


49 pieces by prfsfo

Solved: 70 (2:36 by jackieloo)

Jigsaw puzzle - Tamblian Lake, Indonesia

Tamblian Lake, Indonesia

50 pieces by mustsal

Solved: 194 (1:43 by leslieg)

Jigsaw puzzle - sunflower-13171331667vI


108 pieces by mustsal

Solved: 135 (6:49 by Heather613)

Jigsaw puzzle - ♥ Linda Izabel...♥

♥ Linda Izabel...♥

108 pieces by Tutuba

Solved: 17 (12:43 by Adisel)

31. Jul 2014
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