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Jigsaw puzzle - patriotic flowers

patriotic flowers

225 pieces by julija59

Solved: 17 (20:20 by watermelloon)

Jigsaw puzzle - Peaceful_Moments_detail


210 pieces by julija59

Solved: 9 (16:17 by moppie)

Jigsaw puzzle - Cats and Garden

Cats and Garden

234 pieces by julija59

Solved: 3 (30:27 by schoppenvrouw)

Jigsaw puzzle - Besides the heart

Besides the heart

252 pieces by julija

Solved: 12 (21:27 by moppie)

Jigsaw puzzle - Scarborough Harbour

Scarborough Harbour

150 pieces by ix35man

Solved: 25 (14:55 by cuteaz)

Jigsaw puzzle - Background teacups

Background teacups

220 pieces by julija

Solved: 6 (23:14 by moppie)

Jigsaw puzzle - Cat


208 pieces by julija

Solved: 3

Jigsaw puzzle - Rosters


221 pieces by julija

Solved: 4

Jigsaw puzzle - Mid-Life Crisis

Mid-Life Crisis

357 pieces by damndog

Solved: 9 (53:35 by ashleyr)

Jigsaw puzzle - Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

330 pieces by amyzengrace

Solved: 9 (52:32 by Dskize)

Jigsaw puzzle - Great Basin Barn

Great Basin Barn

330 pieces by amyzengrace

Solved: 11 (40:30 by JPDJim)

Jigsaw puzzle - Perfectly Red

Perfectly Red

396 pieces by damndog

Solved: 1 (40:35 by dkektk)

Jigsaw puzzle - Colours


300 pieces by amyzengrace

Solved: 9 (24:56 by watermelloon)

Jigsaw puzzle - Dead colours again

Dead colours again

308 pieces by amyzengrace

Solved: 4 (46:06 by amyzengrace)

Jigsaw puzzle - The Inner Circle [Full Colour]

The Inner Circle [Full Colour]

322 pieces by damndog

Solved: 13 (37:54 by tullamore)

28. Nov 2014
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