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Jigsaw puzzle - Patagonian Sunrise, Nov 2013

Patagonian Sunrise, Nov 2013

260 pieces by Kash_Chile

Solved: 28 (21:54 by lrb1684)

Jigsaw puzzle - zima


96 pieces by Zdenika9

Solved: 33 (4:55 by Osonice)

Jigsaw puzzle - Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt, Austria

300 pieces by Kash_Chile

Solved: 22 (25:11 by lrb1684)

Jigsaw puzzle - DSCN0359


88 pieces by vincenzo

Solved: 31 (7:46 by mbhegeman)

Jigsaw puzzle - Music- Puirt A Beul -Sileas

Music- Puirt A Beul -Sileas

60 pieces by Rivenly

Solved: 98 (3:53 by machemjo)

Jigsaw puzzle - 025


221 pieces by karlee

Solved: 2

Jigsaw puzzle - june flowers in my garden

june flowers in my garden

221 pieces by edwinarobarts

Solved: 13 (37:25 by ofehoyos)

Jigsaw puzzle - Loving Christmas wishes

Loving Christmas wishes

77 pieces by vuselela

Solved: 231 (4:11 by elle919)

Jigsaw puzzle - Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady

320 pieces by Linaeve

Solved: 1 (1:43:52 by invisible_rose)

Jigsaw puzzle - sortie de la messe de minuit

sortie de la messe de minuit

70 pieces by richard61

Solved: 38 (4:26 by Helioskev)

Jigsaw puzzle - Just A Passing Shower

Just A Passing Shower

36 pieces by patw

Solved: 53 (1:13 by francine1947)
Comments: 2 (latest: 21 minutes ago)

21. Dec 2014
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