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Jigsaw puzzle - So pretty and peaceful

So pretty and peaceful

143 pieces by spunky

Solved: 140 (12:58 by corrino)

Jigsaw puzzle - VW Bugs  (bandit)

VW Bugs (bandit)

154 pieces by spunky

Solved: 26 (11:34 by SpitFire)

Jigsaw puzzle - Colorful spinner

Colorful spinner

143 pieces by spunky

Solved: 96 (9:59 by crassula)

Jigsaw puzzle - Love comes in many colors

Love comes in many colors

156 pieces by spunky

Solved: 36 (12:45 by AshleyB16)

Jigsaw puzzle - Calvencade Cats

Calvencade Cats

30 pieces by shjellesma

Solved: 49 (1:16 by heritage)

Jigsaw puzzle - Kittens between the flowers.

Kittens between the flowers.

28 pieces by shjellesma

Solved: 51 (1:02 by racoon)

Jigsaw puzzle - Hawaii in all its glory

Hawaii in all its glory

88 pieces by jana68

Solved: 43 (7:40 by LLN)

Jigsaw puzzle - Child and cat reading a book

Child and cat reading a book

25 pieces by shjellesma

Solved: 34 (0:50 by valde)

Jigsaw puzzle - A working barge

A working barge

20 pieces by joyfulli

Solved: 49 (0:31 by heritage)
Comments: 4 (latest: 54 minutes ago)

Jigsaw puzzle - Summer sunset

Summer sunset

70 pieces by jana68

Solved: 16 (4:38 by Bimbear)

Jigsaw puzzle - Sunset on the beach

Sunset on the beach

63 pieces by jana68

Solved: 60 (3:16 by klaja1958)

1. Aug 2015
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