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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the background color?

While playing you can change the background color by clicking the small color swatches on the pause menu. You can pause the puzzle easily by hitting the space bar on your keyboard.

Why is there a "Remove" by all my comments?

This link allows you to delete your own comments, should you regret making them.

Can I play on my iPad?

Yes, get the Jigidi iPad app here!

Can I play on my Android/Windows tablet?

Yes, if it supports Adobe Flash. We've heard both good and bad stories from our users. Try it out!

When I try to solve the puzzle I get a "Plugin missing" or a grey/white screen?

Try to re-install the Adobe Flash Player.

Are non-published puzzles, visible to anyone other than the person creating them?

"Private" puzzles are only visible to others if you choose to share them, since no links exist to them anywhere.

Can I search for a puzzle title or part of it?

Not right now, but we're working on it!

How do I control the maximum number of pieces for a jigsaw puzzle?

The number of pieces is determined by the resolution and aspect ratio of the uploaded image. Larger images can be divided into a higher number of pieces. 1600x1200 (or larger in the same aspect ratio) will take your puzzles to the maximum of 540 pieces.

Why can't I publish more than 4 jigsaw puzzles?

In order to guarantee a varied choice of jigsaw puzzles, a limit of 4 puzzles within 24 hours per user or IP has been established. If you create more than 4 public puzzles, they are automatically changed into private. We are working towards avoiding this issue.

How long will my puzzles stay on the site?

Puzzles are kept indefinitely. Inactive profiles or puzzles may be subject to some spring cleaning, but as a rule of thumb, puzzles are most likely kept indefinitely.

Why did my jigsaw puzzle disappear?

If another user reports your jigsaw puzzle, it is automatically removed. We will then consider the complaint and look at the puzzle. The puzzle will reappear if the report isn't valid.

Where can I find the Jigidi user group?

The user group was created by deb7019 and can be found on Yahoo Groups. The group is not in any way affiliated with Jigidi. For official requests or information about Jigidi, please contact us or go to our Facebook page.